Hayashi Swell Cut


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HYS Swell Cut – The Power Blade

Cuts Wet but Cuts Dry that much better

All Hayashi Scissors are custom made to order, inventory shows the currently in stock hand picked designs. Handmade in Japan.

What is a Power Blade?

A Power Blade is a next level dry cutter, meaning it is meant to dry cut with ease and softness yet can wet cut a clean line

Use: A Great all around cutting or those who like long shears, can cut wet and excels at dry cutting. 

SWELL means “swell” of waves. This design, which increases the thickness and width from the base to the middle of the blade, was determined by various trial and error for its position and thickness. This is more than just a design line, it’s a combination of practicality. The bulge and thickness of the middle part of the scissors blade greatly contribute to reducing power and kickback, and the thinning of the other parts brings about a light feeling of use.

Material: Ultrafine Powder Steel HYS64 with hardness rating HRC64 (Stronger than all other brands powder steel)

The use of powder metal makes it lighter for the size

This metal high speed steel made with the latest powder metallurgy technology, in which metal materials such as tungsten, which increases hardness, molybdenum, which increases stickiness, and vanadium, which is used as an additive, are finely divided into fine particles and baked to harden. The grains in the alloy are uniform and dense throughout. As a result, this high-speed steel, which has achieved amazing hardness and tenacity, is strong enough to be used in machine tools such as high-speed drills. The scissors made of this steel are surprisingly sharp and last longer than conventional materials. According to our data up to now, scissors made from HYS require less maintenance than regular scissors.



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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1.5 in

6.5 AT Handle, 6.5 ME Handle (Screw Tang), 6.5 AT Handle DLC, 6.5 WH Handle DLC, 6.75 AT Handle, 7.0 AT Handle, 7.0 WH Handle DLC