Hayashi JUN Cobalt


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HYS Jun Cobalt – Pure cobalt series

A light-weight, soft and buttery cutting shear. Great for wet of dry cutting, a great all around shear.

Material: Pure cobalt, hardness HRC47

Refers to cobalt purity of 60% or more. It has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and non-magnetism.

The special steel “Pure Cobalt”, which does not require quenching, has a slightly lower hardness of HRC47, but is superior in wear resistance and corrosion resistance compared to stainless steel and cobalt alloys. It is non-magnetic (not magnetized), does not adhere to metal abrasion powder, and does not easily damage the cutting edge. However, because it is extremely difficult to process, it is rarely handled by other manufacturers. With Hayashi Scissors, the blade and handle are made of different alloys to enable a variety of joints. In addition, we are particular about back skiing by hand. It is a special technique that is said to be the most difficult to make scissors, and it is said that only a few people in Japan can do it.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 1.5 in

4.5 ME Handle (Screw Tang), 5.0 ME Handle (Screw Tang), 5.3 ME Handle (Screw Tang), 5.5 ME Handle (Screw Tang), 5.7 ME Handle (Screw Tang), 5.7 AT Handle Raw, 6.0 ME Handle (Screw Tang), 6.0 LH Handle DLC, 6.0 AT Handle, 6.0 AT Handle DLC, 6.0 ZXE Handle (Double Screw Tang), 6.0 AT Handle Raw, 6.25 ME Handle (Screw Tang), 6.25 ATH Handle, 6.25 AT Handle Raw, 6.5 ME Handle (Screw Tang), 6.5 AT Handle Raw, 6.5 AT Handle, 6.5 K Handle DLC, 6.5 K Handle DLC Left, 6.5 AT Handle DLC, 6.75 AT Handle, 7.0 AT Handle, 7.0 WH Handle Gold