YS Park 108


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YS Park 108 Tail Comb 8.7". YS Park Gradual Decreasing Pitch (GDP): The spacing between each tooth is gradually narrowed by 1/100 mm from the previous tooth, creating equal tension through the entire length of the comb in a single stroke. The parting head provides a shortened first tooth of the comb which enables the user to gather hair quickly. Heat resistant up to 220 C (428 F).

Made from ultem plastic
428°F resistant
Ultra flexible
Gradually-decreasing pitch (GDP)
Even tension on hair
Length: 8.8 inches
Parting Head: Shortened first tooth
Heat Resistant: Up to 428 F (220 C)

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Weight .4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 1.25 × .2 in

Black, White, Red, Pink