YS Park 101


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YS Park 101 Tail Comb 8.5". The basic YS PARK tail comb. The YSP101 features gradually pitched teeth which are tighter at the head than the base allowing for a uniform tension when lifting the hair. More control of individual strands of hair even at the head section furthest from the hand. Promotes efficiency and control.

Smooth and strong.
Built from durable ultem-plastic, which is 428°F resistant.
Specially-sized for all cutting needs.
Engineered with gradually-decreasing pitch to facilitate even tension on the hair.
Size: 8.5 inches / 216 mm.
Parting Head: Shortened first tooth
Heat Resistant: Up to 428 F (220 C)

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Weight .3 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 1 × .2 in

Black, White, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Camel, Peach