Combank 725 Wide Tooth Comb x JPT Exclusive


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The ComBank 725 is a true dry cutting comb. For all those dry cutters out there, you are missing out if you don’t have this comb. It has a hook tooth to grab and section hair as well as even spaced rounded teeth to easily flow through dry hair and maintain sustained even tension for that perfect cut.

Length: 199 mm / 8 inches

Material: Polyacetal Graphite-Silicon Resin With Glass Fiber (For Better Strength & Resilience)

Color: 3 Special Colors: Soft Pink – Peach / Lavender Gray / Mint

Heatproof Temperature 150 C

With Antibacterial Agent

Made in Japan

Additional information

Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 7 × 1.2 × .2 in
Delrin 725

Soft Pink / Peach, Lavender Grey, Mint, Full Set