FEEL Ceramic Flat Iron


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FEEL Ceramic Flat Iron:

High-purity pure ceramic plate straightener.

All plates are ceramic! Generates large amounts of negative ions and far infrared rays. A large amount of far infrared rays from the pure ceramic plate penetrates deep into the hair and absorbs heat into the water and hair components. The radiant heat effect causes water molecules to vibrate and raises the temperature from within the hair, so the hair surface will not become overheated. Protects the cuticle from damage caused by heat.

Far infrared rays and hair moisture content:

The far infrared rays from pure ceramic are absorbed by the moisture contained in the hair and converted into heat, so it is characterized by fast heat conduction. Also, by resonating with water molecules, it separates water from a single lump into smaller pieces.  Bound water has the power to keep hair at an ideal moisture content, leading to moist and supple hair.

Technology that prevents fading of hair color pigments:

Hair color pigments are sensitive to heat, and cold colors in particular have large pigment molecules, so they exist on the hair surface and will quickly fade if heat treatment is repeated. Far-infrared radiant heat penetrates the hair, vibrates water molecules, and raises the temperature from within the hair, so it does not cause overheating due to heat conduction like traditional plates, which can prevent damage to hair color pigments. WATCH THE VIDEO!

FEEL Flat Iron At Work!

High power heater & technology

FEEL Ceramic Flat Iron high-tech system allows the world’s fastest rate of temperature recovery even under moisture stress. It shows the best performance with acid heat treatment and hair straightening!
FEEL Ceramic Flat Iron Specs:
Outer diameter:     SM4-C 26x70x290 (mm)     SM3-C 36x70x290 (mm)
Weight: Body 200g
Rated voltage: AC 100 ~ 240V / 50Hz / 60Hz

Additional information

Weight 42 oz
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 3 in
Plate Size

22 mm, 36 mm